art & conversation on climate & change

we're so very glad you're here!
(says Wickedly Deer)

Perhaps you're here because, like us, you choose to lean into climate change, to foment resilience and joy, to swell your voice toward a thriving future for all beings, and create beauty, peace and community - wickedly.

Perhaps you're here because you find our name intriguing or subversive. Or maybe you're just looking for some place to help make sense of this, to feel empowered to take action. Whatever the reason, welcome.

How can you pARTicipate?

What's in your heart about climate change? What is your community's group wisdom? We encourage and need all voices to be heard! Share your voice with the world!

ASK a WQ — find your WQ, post it, and make art with it

HOST — Conversations + Wicked Art & Action in your community

ANSWER a WQ — make participatory films

Add Your Voice!


The Wicked Questions process is a personal journey to find what's in your heart.

After you find your WQ, upload a self-portrait photo, share it and turn it into ART and Action!


Already found your WQ? Now take your photo

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WQ is a great tool to help schools, communities and friends explore and respond to climate change through creativity and cooperation. Hosted gathering channel art and deep reflection into collective action.

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10 questions = 10 films. We invite you to make short films (even if you’ve never made one before!!) in response to questions we will post.

Launching Summer, 2016. Bookmark this page/sign up for our mailing list) Go HERE for links to filmmaking tips.


Our Wish for your Participation

  • Return often to SHARE, SHOW and TELL about your WQ experiences.
  • Share resources, skills, ideas and your WQ work with others.
  • Find collaborators
  • Take risks and be authentic
  • Make beauty
  • Incite change

interrogate, activate, create, circulate
— wickedly.